Rust is something that I've done a few projects with (CVLab, rna, nexus, jewel-db, arcticrpc) but its not something that I'm entirely familiar with yet. How can that be? Well, its because to be really familiar with something you have to keep working on it. I've been absent from programing with rust for a few months now. My job primarily uses C++ so thats where my head is usually at.

In order to get back into the swing of things I've decided to play with LALRPOP, a lib I thought was interesting. Its a Lexer / Parser generator and since I'm familiar with Yacc and Flex I decided to use it in a project. I was just investigating LALRPOP, but my toying around turned into quite a few hours of programming. I decided to call the project Micron because it sounded cool, and while I don't expect anything serious to emerge its been a lot of fun to build on.

I'll update this post with information regarding Micron as I develop on it over the next week or so.