Since the beginning of the COVID-19 work from home command that we were given at work, I've been doing just that, working from home. I was told last year at this time that working from home would never work. No matter what, working remotely was something that just couldn't be done. I questioned the reasoning, but ultimately, who was I to argue? I'm a standard employee - nothing special. At the time I was looking for a way to work from home so I could move closer to my family in northern Michigan. A place where my skillset couldn't be utilized locally due to the lack of industry. I figured I would just keep working and maybe one day my employer would loosen up and let us do our work remotely.

After about 6 months of remote work forced on us because of COVID we noticed something crazy. The team's productivity skyrocketed. We were getting more done than we thought possible. Is it because idle chit chat no longer takes place during work hours? Perhaps its because people aren't commuting as much and they can spend more time focusing on their piece of the project. Whatever the reason, the numbers told the story of rising productivity. With this in mind I approached my manager. Speaking honestly I told him why I wanted to work remotely, and why I think that now is a good time to transition to it indefinitely. I showed that I could work remotely and maintain productivity. Nobody has had any issue contacting me when I was needed. There should be no problem. When bringing this up I had written down a long list of concerns I expected him to have along with responses that I could offer to get him to feel more at ease about the decision. Much to my surprise, I didn't have to fight. After stating that I wanted to work remotely and that I thought I had proven I could do it.. he agreed outright.

The next couple of weeks were tense as I waited to hear back from him regarding the companies acceptance of my request. Nobody that I know of at my company at any of their branches was given the ability to work remotely. I expected a struggle. A struggle that I didn't get. The company agreed! I was in absolute shock. This was early August. Immediately I started working on my escape plan. I needed to get to the Upper Peninsula (U.P) before the snow. With a house to sell and a house to buy I knew it would be tight, but I knew it was doable.

Putting in hours after work every day of the week and all day Saturdays and Sundays I began packing, cleaning, and planning. Now it is September 24th. My birthday. Earlier today my girlfriend took my dog up to the U.P so I can have a chance to get the house cleaned up after the movers come to get the rest of my belongings tonight.

[October 3]

I got a little busy with the movers and wasn't able to complete this post. On the 25th of September I woke up early to an empty house. Everything was gone and now it was time to get the house ready for the market. I needed to get everything as clean as possible. Wiping the walls to remove any extra dog hair, mopping, and vacuuming. I started at 5 AM and finished around 12:00. Leaving my keys to the realtor, I hit the road.

Two days on the market and I accepted an offer on the house. Things are selling fast right now. We haven't closed yet, but things are looking good. In the mean time while I await the closing on my new house I am living with my parents. I guess some people think less of those who move back in with their parents - but for me its just a temporary thing, and its nice to be around them again. To be honest though, I'm ready to be out. Mostly because I feel homeless.