For the last month I've taken a break from side projects in an attempt to focus on other hobbies. This the primary means by which I avoid total burn out. Burning out and not wanting to write software isn't an option since its what pays the bills.

Instead, I've taken some time to relax and do some reading. I've just about caught-up on my pile of books that I purchased and have been meaning to get around to, and as one does, bought a couple more for me to get to later. I'm a huge fan of philosophy and have been killing some books that were recommended to me by professors from back when I was in college. Taking this time to read and shift my focus in my after hours has been glorious, but I'm starting to itch again. Contemplation and note taking only takes me so far, and I'm wanting to get back to "doing something" soon. I don't know if by "doing something" I mean hitting some software again in my free time, or if I'll attempt to branch into one of a dozen hobbies I've been wanting to touch on, but I'm getting restless again.

I think it is important for those of us who race through life attempting to get better at things to take a break and fully appreciate what they have and what they've done. For me, thats sitting in the sun and taking in some words with no goal but to think. I greatly appreciate the fact that I live in a time and place with privilege enough to relax and simply enjoy being.