I've been working on Del every day non-stop for a few weeks now. The current version of Del isn't something I'm too happy with as it doesn't have any of the IO stuff that the VM actually supports, and it isn't fully tested. I've been working on doing a full re-spin to change the way that code is generated to easily allow changes and the branch I'm working on is is about another week or two away from being where the original version was. . .

When working on projects like this almost every free second of the day my mind is on the project and I can't seem to escape it. When this happens it usually isn't a bad thing, but Del + Nabla has been taking up my thoughts for nearing 4 months now. Working on this every day and also working my job where I do software development has got my mind all kinds of wrapped up. I'm thinking I need to take a break.

I don't say this lightly, but its getting to a point where even thinking about the project is making me not want to work on it. With an attitude like that I know that whatever I end up writing I won't like and I'll want to redo which will reinforce my not wanting to do it.

State of things

As I mentioned in a previous post or two, the Nabla VM is working great! Its truly exceeded my expectations of what I wanted and I don't think I could be more happy. I highly encourage you to check it out. Download Solace and write some ASM. Its a real treat.

The only part of this project I'm not too keen on right now is the Del repo. If you'd like to take a look at it and maybe.. I don't know.. complete it for me, or at least work on it, I'd be super appreciative.


I start grad school next month, so I don't know when I will be back to work on Del, but I suspect in the not too far future I will be back on it. If not Del its-self, a predecessor. I really enjoy the development I've been doing. I'm just exhausted right now.