Being born in the early 90's I got to play with early windows versions such as windows 95, and 98. In elementary school I received my first typing lessons, and even got to learn addition and subtraction on the computer. I wasn't old enough to understand anything about the computer other than they enabled me to play video games. I think the first games I played were Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon, and the famous Full Tilt! Pinball. As I got older, the technology I had available to me got more and more complex. Eventually I wasn't content with just playing video games. I wanted to know how the computer actually operated. Throughout high school we were offered multiple technology classes that ranged from Photoshop editing, to Visual Basic. I was the first student to take all available classes, and even had a job working on broken technology in the library with our I.T person. Before long I knew that I wanted to pursue my higher education in either Computer Networking (CN) or Computer Science (CS).
Initially I started to study CN but after 2 years of University, curiosity grew and I changed to CS. I wasn't content with learning how to network using available techniques and software. I wanted to learn how to make the computer dance. The class that changed my mind was Artificial Intelligence.The problem solving techniques and clever coding solidified my decision to switch to CS.

My goal here is to show others how I see the experience of coding, and hope to offer a resource for those studying CS.